Outdoor Leadership Exploration

I have been changed that I can put myself in any situation and with no complaint about everything that I have or everything that I take. For the past, I always complain when I did get tired but now I always put myself in any position so everything I do it will be easy to take the risk. Outdoor leadership to me is to help people, to survive in the wood, to be brave… It the word that shows who I am because I go to show what I can do and my behavior.I wanted Cambodia people to do more trekking so they will explore more things in nature but trekking for Cambodia people is riding a car so I want to change their hobby to walk in the forest or try to camp cause they don’t think about nature a lot. But the question is how? I probably thinking if there a place that lets people stay there and camp so Cambodian people can go there easily. Example អន្លង់ភ្ញៀវ was famous by people who go there post the pictures of that place on Facebook, so when their friends see it look cool and fun they probably gonna go there. So if there a place to camp, making fire… in the wood maybe if someone goes there and they had a lot of fun they gonna call there friend, so there will be more people go there and there.

The trip to Mondolkiri and Kirirom

Mondolkiri and Kampong Spue which know as the province that had a lot of wild animals, forest and indegenouis people. What we did in Mondolkiri and in Kampong Speu is nearly the same just something that is different is when we go to Mondolkiri we were cooking food in the forest and the food was a traditional Pnong food which is so delicious. In Mondulkiri, we were sleeping in RDI which is Non-governmental organization and RDI is NGO that does the cleaning water in Cambodia and in Kirirom national park we were sleeping in the heaven cliff and Sros Srong which are two different places. Totally I had trekked for more than 60 km and more than 60,000 steps which is so tired because we need to walk up and down the mountain but no one was complaining about this, we all just try our best to get to the targets.

We learn how to cook Phnong food from our guide, it the food that cooks in the bamboo because in the forest we can’t bring the pot so we use the bamboo instead. We also see a lot of animals, cool plants, insect such as Elephant, lizard, birds… On the trip, we did a lot of sit and spot which is we spot something to write about or create a poem, for me I wrote how nature make my mind clear “Breathing the fresh air, looking at green leave hearing the sound of the animals, waterfall, air and leave make me feel like I am at the heaven. All the depression inside my head has blown away, all the tired and stress has release out of my brain,

Group photo in Kirirom

Group pictures in Mondolkiri

Making fire
Sporting birds

On the way to the heaven cliff

Cooking fish and pork

The way to the waterfall
I found a grasshopper on top of the tent
Morning in Mondolkiri

The representative statue of Mondolkiri

my heart is now in nature”.



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