Multimedia Round 5

In this term, we didn’t learn new things in class but we took back the old experience to explore or learn more about it independently. We only have one week to work on this task so we need to find work independently by using any app or coding to do any project that we want to study. I worked on Photoshop because there are many more things to explore on. Adobe Photoshop (PS as a short name)  is a  graphics editor developed and published by Adobe for Windows and macOS. It was originally created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. PS is a really cool app to edit any pictures because it got all the functions that we need, as there a lot of functions so no one will know all of it. To create or edit pictures in photoshop I meet a lot of struggle finding the tools and functions to edit any pictures.  I always research, asking my friend and follow the instructions on Youtube when I have this struggle. 

The project that I work on in this class is the neon style which is a famous style to edit any portrait picture that includes the frame, glow and drawing to make the picture look fancy. I used Youtube as instruction. I look at some sample of the neon style picture to created but I don’t copy them. It was really difficult for me because it uses lots of steps and I also need to draw,  which I’m not really good at drawing. It the first time for me to do this style so it new and hard but after I know how to edit this I start to edit this style faster in other photos. The picture that I edit is just a normal one so I want to create other neon styles that look more advanced.

And here are the pictures that I created

Captain America with blue shadow on
Captain America with stroke, Shadow color and with Shield
Captain America without shadow



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