Math Round 5

This year we have been learning a lot of math that use in our daily life like Fractions, decimals and percentages, coordinate plane and rate problem… It really important to our daily life because we use these problems to figure out somethings that we see in our life. Fraction, decimals and percentage are likely similar to each other because in our daily life we see it when a store is lowing the price of its product like 15% off. The coordinate plane is which show us the map of places where something are located like my house is at -9, 3 in the map. Rate problem is difficult to define what we use in real life and basically, it goes like this (It takes 46 minutes for 10 people to paint 3 walls. How many minutes does it take 4 people to paint 6 walls?)

In this class, we use Khan Academy to practice and it like our homework to do the task because Khan Academy has programs that state every lesson of Math and other subjects. It really to be in this class because we gotta be working in teams, do the activity to review on quizzes and Kahoot that all of us can participate. And one of the biggest quotes is “Make the most of your learning”. It means a lot of things to me like to gain my knowledge, try hard in learning, try my best in learning, try to do your homework on time and make sure I really focus in class. That is not all yet “Make the most of your learning” also mean to collaborate and help classmate to because everyone always finds struggle and they always needs support so collaboration state in “Make the most of your learning”. To make the most of my learning continue I will do the things that I list on the top and I will research more about things that I learned and try my best in learning.

Khan Academy Home Page
Khan Academy Assignment
Khan Academy


Math round 4

In math class this round we focus a lot on the percentage which is an important lesson for our daily life. In real life, you can find the percentage when there a discount in some store like the price is $56 and the discount is 40% $22.4.  In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio that represents a fraction of 100. It is symbol  by “%” and we can simply as “percent” or fraction. 50% is equivalent to the decimal 0.5, and the fraction is 1/2. We do have a lot of fun is this class because we always do activities, working in the team, playing Kahoot or Quizzes which is students favorite website to review what we have learned.

Math Round 3

After finish 5a book we start learning and doing Math 5b book which is similar to that old book it just added new things to learn like data analysis and algebra. The first lesson that we did is review the last lesson that we learn. We do have a lot of fun is this class because we always do activities, working in the team, playing Kahoot or Quizzes which is students favorite website to review what we have learned. 

Math Round 2

        Khan Academy is one of my favorite things to do in math class. It is a website that has every Math puzzle that we learned, I like to do the puzzle in khan because it has the video of the explanation if we stuck or forgot how to do and they will explain to you how to do it. Also, this website is for us to practice what we have learned and we can do more activities in it, it not have only math but it has every subject by grade. I don’t know why every assignment that the teacher gave to me, I always did it, never late for the due date because in my free time I always go to Khan and do the assignments. 

Assignments due later

Math Workbook 5A

    Nowadays, I get workbook 5a to work on in Math class. This book has filled with soft orange and normal orange color. There are six chapter, fifty-six exercise, and six reviews and one hundred and three pages. There are many works for us to do in this book, it also a little bit of challenge in this book because I always confused with the word problem. Word problem is easy but it hard to understand the language of math. If sometimes I struggle with something I can ask my friend to help me or my facilitator because they always help me when I am in need. Last, I really thank you to Liger that has given me this book to me and every Junior to learned and teacher who teaches us the lesson.