Multimedia Round 5

In this term, we didn’t learn new things in class but we took back the old experience to explore or learn more about it independently. We only have one week to work on this task so we need to find work independently by using any app or coding to do any project that we want to study. I worked on Photoshop because there are many more things to explore on. Adobe Photoshop (PS as a short name)  is a  graphics editor developed and published by Adobe for Windows and macOS. It was originally created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. PS is a really cool app to edit any pictures because it got all the functions that we need, as there a lot of functions so no one will know all of it. To create or edit pictures in photoshop I meet a lot of struggle finding the tools and functions to edit any pictures.  I always research, asking my friend and follow the instructions on Youtube when I have this struggle. 

The project that I work on in this class is the neon style which is a famous style to edit any portrait picture that includes the frame, glow and drawing to make the picture look fancy. I used Youtube as instruction. I look at some sample of the neon style picture to created but I don’t copy them. It was really difficult for me because it uses lots of steps and I also need to draw,  which I’m not really good at drawing. It the first time for me to do this style so it new and hard but after I know how to edit this I start to edit this style faster in other photos. The picture that I edit is just a normal one so I want to create other neon styles that look more advanced.

And here are the pictures that I created

Captain America with blue shadow on
Captain America with stroke, Shadow color and with Shield
Captain America without shadow



Technology/Multimedia round 4

This round we focus on Python programming and the lesson that we learned this round is Function, List and Dictionary. In this class, we have been focusing on python a lot but It really hard for me to learn because python use it owns language to write code, but I don’t give up I try to ask the question and even though research so I can understand about more python language. In this class, we using to write python code and we use Codeclub to work on python challenge and learn by following the steps of the instruction that Code club had written for us. Nowadays, I got stuck a lot but I am doing great because as a programmer, always get the error so we just need to figure out other ways to get it right. We do have a lot of things.

Writing python codes in trinket
Code club website
Challenge that Codeclub had made

Technology/Multimedia  Round 2

For round two, we have learned a lot of how to capture a good photo from the camera. We learned a lot about the setting of Exposure which are IOS, shutter speed, and Aperture. If we want to take good pictures we need to know about these three things because somehow your pictures will be so dark or so light sometimes so noise so we need to know how to change these things to make the pictures perfect. Also, we need to take the pictures by Camera Shot Types like the long shot, medium shot, close-ups, etc. Do the different types of shots, is show how a photo essay you want a mix of different by giving the details in the pictures.

Here are some of the pictures that I took using the Exposure and 

Camera Shot Types

Long Shot
Medium Shot
Full Shot
Extreme Close-Up


Dutch Angle/Tilt
Over the Shoulder
Hight Angle
Low Angle



   At first in Multimedia class we have learned about researching something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. The teacher told us to research things on the internet. After, we finished that we have learned about Adobe apps like Photoshop Lightroom and Indesign. We learned about these apps so we can make a poster about our research by using these three apps. First, we need to edit photos that related to our research in photoshop and Lightroom. Then, add the pictures into Indesign and add some information about it. It is so helpful to learn how to use Adobe apps because in the future we will use it a lot, and another thing is that I never know how to use Indesign and Lightroom, I only know how to use Photoshop. But now I know how to use all. Here is my work