At first in Multimedia class we have learned about researching something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. The teacher told us to research things on the internet. After, we finished that we have learned about Adobe apps like Photoshop Lightroom and Indesign. We learned about these apps so we can make a poster about our research by using these three apps. First, we need to edit photos that related to our research in photoshop and Lightroom. Then, add the pictures into Indesign and add some information about it. It is so helpful to learn how to use Adobe apps because in the future we will use it a lot, and another thing is that I never know how to use Indesign and Lightroom, I only know how to use Photoshop. But now I know how to use all. Here is my work

   Geography Exploration

                    Geography is the best exploration in my second year at liger, every junior gotta have this exploration. Our facilitators divided us into four teams and each team have 15 people, each team will have 7 weeks to research about the provinces that they need to work on. In that 7 weeks, we have 1 week to go on a trip to the provinces that we need information about. After, 7 weeks another team need to research and find information about the provinces that they need to work on. I am in team 4 that is focused on the eastern part of Cambodia, which have Kratie, Stung Treng, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri province.  For that 7 weeks, I need to work so hard to get information for these provinces. Before going on the trip we need to prepare a lot of question to ask people and the Department of Culture and Fine Arts. Also, we need to prepare our personnel staff to like clothes, computer, book, pens and pencils and a lot more. On the week that we go on the trip, everyone sleeps at 10 P.M and woke up at 5:30 A.M or earlier, so a lot of people get tired but we put a lot of effort to get a lot of information to put in my book.


   Cambodian geography book is made for government schools and other people interested in learning about Cambodia. We make this book for Cambodian people, students, and other people to know more about Cambodia. In our country, they aren’t a specific book about geography in Cambodia, so we are the first students who make this book.

My highlight of the trip is that I gotta learned Tom Puon language, which is the indigenous people language. I learned indigenous people language by interview an old man that lives near to Yeak laom lake that we went and he is indigenous people (Tom Puon). He not only told us about the indigenous language but he told us more about the history of Yeak laom lake and even though, he told us the hidden places in Ratanakiri province and the history of it. I really love what he did because he shares what he knows for us to know too, so we can put the information in the book. He told us to be good kids, to be we can be a change again so we can change our country to be better.  

To sum up, for our research we need to put a lot of effort to get information for our book. Also, we need to interview a lot of people to gets a lot of information. In addition, to get a lot of information from other people is not easy we need to tell them about our plane and explain to them why we need this information.

Community documentary

Community documentary is an exploration that on makes the document about four villages that in Kampong Speu province, there are Srey Sompong, Tro Paing Leap, Prey Unser and Cruk PoPul. We are making the video to show the new generation how the villages are changing over time. I also put a lot of effort to make the video because it needed a lot of time.

First of all, it so hard for me because I never know how to edited video in Premiere Pro so I need to learning by myself, try thing in that and watch the youtube video. For interviewing and taking video is so easy for me but the hardest thing is editing video, all of my friends in this exploration, they never know how to edit video in Premiere Pro but now they know how because they try to it. It similar to my quotes because if you don’t try new thing you never know how to do it but if you try it, nothing you can’t earn, at least you know how to do it a little bit.

Our final result is that we got the video to show the villager in these villages that we went to. Also, I got many experiences with editing video and how to make documentary videos.

Gender Summit

       My second year at liger is really quick. Everyone is trying harder at learning, to get more knowledge than last year. My favorite topic in my second year is Gender Summit. I did learn about the gender summit with senior students, I gotta know more about bullying, how it affects us and other people, also I did know not to bully people with their look or their personality. Bullying can affect people in many ways, it even can kill people, that why we should not bully anyone to make them feel sad.  

Senior told us a lot how can it affect us and the solution when we see someone got bullying or we got bullied by other people. Many students in government schools got bullied by other groups of student that make them don’t want to go to school, so it’s will affect their future. If you see someone is got bullying by other groups of people, you can go and tell them not to bully anyone else. If they don’t listen to what you are saying, you can go and find an adult to come and tell them not to do that again.

In addition, many people think that bullying to other people is fun, but it’s not fun for other people who got bullying. Bullying can lead them to have so many bad ways, for those people who bully other people, might get a bad habit for their whole life, they always look down to other people. If they always bully people, they won’t have a lot of friends so they will be lonely, no one wants to be friend with them. Also, it makes people that got bully in many bad ways. If they got to bully a lot in school, they won’t come to school again, so that will affects their future and their life. If you want to have a lot of friend and a lot of people love you, so don’t bully anyone else.

Homework Packet

  Homework packet is homework that gives us a week to do it. It is a pepper that contains ten words that have the definition, grammar, example those words and exercises for us to work on. Also, we have a test about those words that put into our point of the class and we have that test every Monday. It told me what is the root word and where it comes from. Homework packet has two sheets which means it has four pages. The first, page of the homework packet only contains vocabulary and on the other three pages, it contains some exercises and activities for us to do. Last, I really love the homework packet because it gives me a lot of new words that I never knew before.

Math Workbook 5A

    Nowadays, I get workbook 5a to work on in Math class. This book has filled with soft orange and normal orange color. There are six chapter, fifty-six exercise, and six reviews and one hundred and three pages. There are many works for us to do in this book, it also a little bit of challenge in this book because I always confused with the word problem. Word problem is easy but it hard to understand the language of math. If sometimes I struggle with something I can ask my friend to help me or my facilitator because they always help me when I am in need. Last, I really thank you to Liger that has given me this book to me and every Junior to learned and teacher who teaches us the lesson.